Sante et Beaute


Chirurgie plastique et esthétique

Nos protocoles étudiés pour le diagnostic, la chirurgie et les soins postopératoires nous permettent de répondre aux différentes expectatives des patients.


Biological and anti-aging medicine

Our Unit deals with patients who require comprehensive treatment for their disease, going beyond the symptoms.


Hair Transplant

We specialise in hair problems, and offer specific treatments for male and female alopecia and scalp problems…


Dermatological Institute

Cosmetic dermatology involves preventing skin aging, which we firmly believe is a science-based task that must be carried out by leading professionals.


Endocrinology and Nutrition

We provide our patients with the latest advances in treatment of different pathologies, thanks to the research work carried out by our specialists.

Sports Health

Our goal is to improve our patients’ health, helping them to change their habits in line with their individual needs. In short, to “prescribe” a better lifestyle…

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our use of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art-equipment defines the quality of our innovative treatments.