Regenerative joint therapy (plasma rich in platelets and growth factors)


Vithas International’s Articular Regenerative Therapy Unit specialises in the application of biological treatments, mainly with platelet-rich plasma technology, for joints, bones, tendons, muscles and other tissues, all through minimally invasive and guided approaches, when required, using imaging techniques.

  • Joint pathology: arthritis, osteoarthritis (except infectious)
  • Tendon pathology: tendinosis, tendinitis, tendon tears.
  • Hadlung’s disease (Achilles: insertion in the calcaneus), Achilles tendinopathy, sutures in ruptured tendons for recovery from surgery, enthesitis.
  • Muscular pathology (any muscle injury).
  • Ulcers in the lower limbs
  • Acute fractures, improving bone consolidation, or subacute/chronic fractures as adjuvant to pseudarthrosis.
  • Peripheral nerve injuries from trauma or compression, as well as carpal tunnel lesions, ulnar canal, sciatic disorders, etc.

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