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Because Vithas International is healthcare that always answers “yes”.

  • Yes to always being by your side: Our personal health advisers accompany our patients at all times: before, during and after their hospital stay.


  • Yes to speed of service: We avoid waiting times and offer immediate results. We are committed to a fast service for patients’ comfort and well-being.


  • Yes to choosing how and when: We adapt to patients’ needs, allowing them to choose how and when they wish to receive our services.


  • Yes to multidisciplinary teamwork: Healthcare in our specialist units is guaranteed by all professionals working together.
  • Yes to private healthcare which is accessible for all: We offer payment facilities adapted to the needs of individual patients.


  • Yes to easy and straightforward: We take charge of all administrative processes involved. We are always on hand for any questions or queries.


  • Yes to being constantly informed: Your Personal Health Adviser is in constant contact, not only during your visit to Vithas International, but also before and after. We keep patients up-to-date and answer all their questions, since we believe it is important for you to be informed at all times.


  • Yes to international vocation: We are able to offer healthcare in up to 9 different languages: English, French, Latvian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Vietnamese, Farsi and German.

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